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    <div id="pdp_comp-product_detail" class="css-1wa8o67"> <div> <div role="tabpanel"> <div class="css-1k1relq"> <div data-testid="lblPDPDescriptionProduk"> <p>GRISHKO DREAM STRETCH SLIPPER<br />The Dream Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slippers by Grishko was designed for uncompromised flexibility and movement.</p> <p>Canvas split sole ballet slippers<br />Split sole allows optimal movement in the arch<br />Designed without a drawstring to relieve tension around the foot<br />Comfortable elastic opening holds the shoe in place<br />Pre-sewn crossed elastic straps<br />Arch enhancing mid-sole seamed stitch<br />Low heel height and rounded toe shape.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div id="pdp_comp-shop_credibility" class="css-1vh65tm"></div>